About Credence

About Credence

About Credence Medicure Corporation

Credence Medicure Corporation is a US Corporation providing Global Medical Commissionaire and Concierge Services for Telehealth and Medical Tourism through an exclusive Online Platform.

Credence Medicure Corporation has been formed in the state of Texas with a vision to be a service provider for the healthcare industry. The prime focus area is to promote Medical Travel around the globe using the tools of Telemedicine. We also work as Intermediaries for the development of medical care infrastructure in underserved areas of the world.

Telehealth commonly known as Telemedicine refers to the concept of delivery of healthcare at a distance by connecting doctors to patients who are not physically present with each other. Advancements in Information Technology have revolutionized this mode of healthcare delivery. The increasing number of e-visits, expansion of telemedicine in areas of radiology, cardiology, behavioral health and many others has resulted in evolution of new business models in telemedicine.

Medical Tourism as it stands today, is an emerging phenomenon when consumers seek health enhancement from destinations away from their homes, seeking good quality medical care at cheaper prices or for pursuing advanced medical treatments to cure critical ailments not available in their communities. Though medical tourism as a modern industry, has been taking shape since the last one decade but it still remains in infancy. Somehow till today, no service provider has successfully used the tools of telehealth for promotion of medical tourism business. Use of Telemedicine for Medical Tourism is a novel business model which has not been put to use till date and can be called as Virtual Medical Tourism.

Credence has developed a portal with full Electronic Medical Record (EMR) capabilities for providing online consultation to patients through video conferencing. The platform is a digital version of a multi-specialty clinic with a revolutionized mode of healthcare delivery through Telehealth.

The portal can be used by patients to connect one on one with doctors, locally or globally. In addition to providing medical consultations within communities and local areas, the prime focus of the Corporation is to develop a worldwide Medical Travel business through the use of its proprietary technology platform.

The Credence’s exclusive Online Portal provides unbiased level playing ground, both to medical care seekers and providers. Fundamentally, the online platform connects patients with doctors. The entire online platform portrays excellent amalgamation of useful features backed by cutting edge web technologies which can be used by healthcare organizations as a White Label Software as a Service (SaaS).

Credence as a Medical Care Solution Patriarch is committed to the Principles of Medical Ethics and top-notch medical care services in USA. Credence neither promotes any Hospital or Chain of Hospitals nor affiliates itself with any particular physician or surgeon. Our goal is to ensure that the patient is guarded by the fundamental principle of Healthcare that relates to improvement of health via prevention, accurate diagnosis and a healing therapy. At Credence we try to safeguard the patient to the best of our abilities through our internal processes against any unnecessary medical intervention. This differentiates Credence from all other medical tourism facilitators across the globe.

Using the Online Platform, patients are free to select a doctor of their choosing from the Credence approved list. We understand that the competence of the physician or a surgeon and the quality of the healthcare facilities they work in, are essential to render seamless medical care.

Credence Medicure authenticates the credentials of the doctors through a rigorous verification process before making them available on its platform. Physicians and surgeons with a good professional standing and working in accredited facilities are approved for Credence’s Online Platform.

Our Telemedicine & Online Medical Travel USA Platform is designed to provide the patient with adequate information to choose a medical practitioner or health care abroad. Our Online System has enhanced capabilities to help the user find a medical practitioner, hospitals, and surgery centers overseas best suited to provide accurate answers and solutions to their medical issues. Using the online features patients have the privilege to upload their medical records on our platform, be online one-on-one with a doctor to assess their medical condition or get a second opinion on an ongoing medical treatment and finally to determine if there is a requirement of a medical or a surgical intervention. At Credence, we are focused on quality centric treatment.

At Credence we also work as Intermediaries for creation of Infrastructure for medical care in the underserved areas. We work very closely with Investors on one hand to provide an economically viable opportunity and with the governments and community help groups on the other to construct healthcare infrastructure and to provide state of the art medical equipment in areas lacking such facilities. Alongside, we also work with healthcare professionals to address the ever pressing issue of shortage of doctors in the underdeveloped areas. Working with communities, we provide physicians in such geographies, which not only help these communities but also gives an exceptional experience to the participating doctors in a rural or remote setting. Credence Medicure Corporation has been envisaged by hard core experienced professionals coming together from the different parts of the world and from diverse fields of healthcare services, Business and Information Technology. Credence Management is committed to growth of healthcare, at both micro and macro levels, by providing appropriate medical care as per individual patient requirement and developing World class healthcare infrastructure to serve humanity at large.