Foreign Direct Investment Management in Healthcare

Foreign Direct Investment Management in Healthcare

An ageing population and increase in cost of chronic care needs are exerting considerable demands on the health systems in the developing and underdeveloped economies.

Governments in these economies are expected to do more in the face of healthcare funding. Access to capital has been one of the biggest roadblocks to their growth of the healthcare sector.To meet burgeoning healthcare needs, conventional modes of healthcare funding willneed to be aided by innovative modes of funding to improve healthcare investments. Given the growing importance of the health care sector and the significant development of trade in health services, foreign direct investment (FDI) in this sector has gathered momentum in the recent years. The governments will need to play a critical role as a catalyst by creating an enabling ecosystem which draws investments from both domestic and international players. Foreign investors would consider many competing destinations and would tend to go to markets which they are more familiar with and where there is clarity about policies not only regarding FDI but also regarding the healthcare sector overall.

The investments in the healthcare sector need to look beyond investment-specific and capital market policies to the larger ecosystem and make it supportive for investors. The Government should have strong healthcare policy and promote healthcare tourism and promote Private Public Partnership (PPP). We work with government of developing countries to incentivize private investments through reforms in land laws; quick regulatory approvals, zero duties on imported equipment, higher depreciation and other strings of measures like higher spend on healthcare by the Government, mandatory insurance by employers etc. to attract FDI. Millions of medical tourists each year travel across the globe and we expedite visa from host countries for medical tourism patients.

For Investors the precise management of their Investment is of paramount relevance. This is needed due to the stringent norms of Central / Reserve Banks as well as the complexity in the processes involved. We provide cross-border investment services to the public and private sectors on a consultancy, advisory or project basis.

For establishing Joint ventures, we provide Comprehensive research based Reliable and Flexible Foreign Collaboration services to our clients. The services that we provide incorporate begin from identifying potential acquisitions, to the negotiations of the commercial elements of the transaction along with forecasting the future of the business.

We facilitate the access to foreign money to the Healthcare Industry of underdeveloped and developing countries through External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs). ECBs include commercial bank loans, vendor credit, securitized instruments such as floating rate notes and fixed rate bonds etc., credit from official export credit agencies and commercial borrowings from the private sector window of multilateral financial Institutions.

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