Credence Care - Online Platform for Doctor-Patient consultaion

Credence Care - Online Platform for Doctor-Patient consultaion

Apr 24, 2020
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Credence Medicure Corporation, announced today in a release, that its exclusive Online Platform for Medical Tourism with patient-doctor video conference capabilities shall be known by the name of CREDENCE CARE. Ruth R Hughs, Secretary of State, State of Texas, has today issued a Certificate of Filing for the use of assumed name “CREDENCE CARE” by the Corporation for its business.

Credence’s exclusive Online Platform provides unbiased level playing ground both to Medical Care Seekers and Providers. Fundamentally, the online platform connects patients with doctors for consultation through video conferencing. The entire online platform portrays excellent amalgamation of useful features backed by cutting edge web technologies.

Upon creating a free account on the platform, users are free to select a doctor of their choosing from the Credence’s approved list and seek consultation through video conferencing from the physician.

The Online Platform is designed to provide the patient with adequate information to choose a medical practitioner. The Online System has enhanced capabilities to help the user find a medical practitioner best suited to provide accurate answers and solutions to their medical issues. Using the online features, users can upload their medical records on the platform, connect one-on-one with a doctor through video conferencing to assess their medical condition or get a second opinion on an ongoing medical treatment and finally to determine if there is a requirement of a medical or a surgical intervention.

Credence authenticates the credentials of the doctors through a rigorous verification process before making them available on its platform. Physicians and surgeons with a good professional standing and working in accredited facilities are approved for Credence’s Online Platform.

As per Dr. Sukhmani Mann, Director of the Corporation, with the spread of COVID-19, an online platform enabling patient-doctor video conferencing has become essential to render seamless medical care and shall become the order of the day.


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