Otolaryngology (ENT-Ear Nose Throat) - Introduction


Otolaryngology is a medical specialty concerned with the treatment of patients with diseases of ear, nose, throat, and related structures of the head and neck. This includes disorders of salivary glands and thyroid gland, disorders of hearing, balance, swallowing, cancer of head and neck, smell disorders and polyps. Specialists in the field are called otolaryngologists. People also refer to otolaryngologist as ear, nose and throat doctor or an ENT for short.

Apart from medical management, many otolaryngologists are trained to perform surgeries including facial plastic surgery. They are able to apply both medical and surgical skills in the treatment of their patients. Facial plastic surgery is done to reconstruct the nose, ear jaws and facial area to restore function and appearance.

What conditions do otolaryngologists treat?

ENT specialists treat a diverse range of disorders of the ear, nose, throat, head and neck region for all persons, at all stages of life. They may treat people of all ages from newborn babies to elderly people.

  • Ears Otolaryngologists are experts in dealing with the conditions of ear including ear infection, dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss, balance disorder and many more.
  • Nose ENT specialist treats sinus infection, deviated septum, nasal polyps, nasal injuries, tumors of the nose etc.
  • Throat ENT specialist treats hoarseness, sore throat, adenoid problems, tonsillitis, swallowing problems.
  • Head and Neck In the head and neck area otolaryngologists are trained to treat infections, cancerous and non cancerous tumors, thyroid and parathyroid problems.
  • Facial plastic surgery ENT specialist in facial plastic surgery treats cleft palate, both benign and malignant tumors and deformities of face.
  • Sleep ENT specialists treat snoring and sleep apnea.

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