Stem Cell Processes - Introduction

Stem cell process is a treatment of various disorders with the help of stem cells. It helps to treat a wide range of diseases including diabetes, spinal cord disease, and heart disease.

The most widely used stem cell treatment is the transplantation of blood stem cells to treat diseases and conditions of the blood and immune system. Stem cells from bone marrow and umbilical cord blood are used to treat blood cancers and different blood disorders.

What is a Stem cell?

Stem cells are cells that have ability to become almost any cell in the body. Stem cells have ability to differentiate into specific cell types. When a stem cell divides, it may either become another stem cell or a specific cell with a more specialized function like blood cell, brain cell or muscle cell.

Stem cells can be obtained from lot of different sources and can treat number of disorders including neuromuscular and degenerative disorders. They are found in the brain, bone marrow, skin, blood vessels, and liver. No other cell in the body has this ability to generate new cell types.

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